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With Pro Fire we specialize in affordable, on site Fire Extinguisher Service and can help keep your fire extinguishers fully pressurized and ready to protect you in the event of a fire. Our mobile fire extinguisher services include: Inspections & Annual Certifications, Recharges, 6 Year Maintenance, Hydrostatic Testing and Sales & Installation of new and refurbished equipment.

Service, when you need it!

We have multiple highly trained and certified technicians that will come to you and service your extinguishers on site. Give us a call at the office at 509-567-7122 or give Dan “The Fire Man” at 509-851-3549 for all your portable needs!

If you can think of it, We can service it.

  • Inspections : Annual Inspections, by a permitted fire extinguisher technician, are required by law. Pro Fire will inspect and perform the proper maintenance on your fire extinguishers for your annual certification.

  • Certifications : An annual certification tag is applied to an extinguisher after a trained and permitted technician has performed an inspection and found the extinguisher to be in proper working order. Certifications are valid for 1 year after the date punched on the tag.

  • Recharges : Any time you use your fire extinguisher, even if you accidentally release only a little bit, you need to have your fire extinguisher recharged. Losing even just a few milliseconds of pressure or chemical extinguishant could result in faulty fire extinguisher operation and potentially a fire that does not get extinguished in time to save your property from devastating damage.

  • 6 Year Maintenance : At least every 6 years after the date of manufacture, an extinguisher is required to be disassembled, emptied and subjected to an internal and external visual exam to ensure the extinguisher is in proper working order.

  • Hydrostatic Testing : During a hydrostatic test, the extinguisher is disassembled, emptied, visually examined and the cylinder is subjected to high pressure to test for cracks and leaks. Halon and most dry chemical extinguishers (ie. ABC, BC, Purple K) are required to be “hydro” tested every 12 years from the date of manufacture. Hydro tests on most other extinguishers (ie. Water, CO2) are required every 5 years.

  • Sales : If you need new or replacement extinguishers, Pro Fire can tell you exactly what kind, what size and how many extinguishers you need to properly cover your property. All of our new and refurbished extinguishers include an annual certification.

  • Installation : Our trained and permitted technicians know exactly where to install your fire extinguishers to keep you compliant with fire codes and ensure easy access in case of an emergency.

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